• The toothbrush and packaging

    are 100% recyclable!

  • Take care of your smile
    wherever you go!

    Over 83% of people think nice teeth are more
    important than having nice eyes and hair.
  • Freshline toothbrushes
    are manufactured in Poland.

    We use the highest quality materials all with
    UE approved certificates.
  • Brushing your teeth frequently
    significantly reduces

    the risk of future dental problems

  • Frequent toothbrushing significantly decreases the risk of dental caviries.

  • Take care of your smile

    wherever you go!

  • Proper oral hygiene guaranteed!

    Forget about dental infections caused by unhigienic toothbrush storage.


The toothbrush has received all the required UE hygienic certificates and it can be sold as a cosmetic product. Toothpaste used in the toothbrush has also been officially approved as a cosmetic product.